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Write for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

September 21, 2023

Write-in session focusing on self-discovery and personal growth. 

Write for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Let's Talk: Positive Affirmations

August 30, 2021

Discussion on positive affirmations and the impact to mindset and behavior change. Do they work? 

Let's Talk: Goals

August 20, 2021

Discussion on goals and challenges keeping you from reaching the next level. Leave the session with more clarity and action steps.

Let's Talk: Black Lives Matter and the Black Community

August 13, 2020

Discussion on the varying views in the black community on the Black Lives Matter movement. The discussion addresses the question, is #BLM helping or hurting?

Let's Talk: Holding Space for Critical Conversations

July 9, 2020

Discussion on recent events and how our social climate and civil unrest is impacting us. 

Dream Everstanding Artists/Authors Panel Talk

January 25, 2019

Panel co-moderator and speaker at the Dream Everstanding Artist/Authors Panel discussion on books and art aligning with the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let's Talk: Round Table

November 15, 2018

Discussion on the state of women in today's society and the release of Thomas' book, Let's Talk: Positive Affirmations for the Soul.


New Beginnings Outreach Program:4th Annual Women's Empowerment Luncheon

June 2, 2018

Speaker at the New Beginnings Outreach Program's 4th Annual Women's Empowerment luncheon on the topic:You are what you think you are.


Dream Chaser Workshop

February 10,2018

Interactive workshop on self-perception,self-compassion, the power of gratitude and overcoming the fear of failure.