Let's Talk: Positive Affirmations for the Soul

Let's Talk: Positive Affirmations for the Soul

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Our words hold power—negative and positive. With positive affirmations, your self-talk can have a beneficial effect on your life when it is transformed to reflect kindness and lack negativity.

"My eyes are open to my inner beauty and the beauty in my surroundings."

Break negative thinking and harsh self-talk and start a meaningful journey to self-kindness. The shift begins when you train your mind to think differently about your life, your thoughts, your opinions, your body, your successes, your surroundings, your perceived shortcomings.

"I forgive myself."

Start your transformation with the 47 positive affirmations in Let’s Talk: Positive Affirmations for the Soul and go even further with the provided questions that will help you grow. Then, you’ll be guided to create your own affirmations that speak directly to your soul. Finally, use the valuable reflections section and track your positive shift.

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