And for This I am Grateful: a gratitude journal

And for This I am Grateful: a gratitude journal

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Your days are often busy. With so much to think about and so many things to cross off your to-do list, there isn’t a lot of time left for reflection and self-discovery. With And for This I Am Grateful, you don’t need a lot of time to complete meaningful exercises to promote happiness and thankfulness. By just spending a few minutes every day journaling, you can realize the true wonders of your life. They might not be what you were expecting!

Author Nicole Thomas includes five writing prompts for the journal. With them, learn to focus on

the kindness of others,
the lessons you learned,
the moments that made you happy,
the advice you received from friends, and
the actions you took to help and inspire others.

Thomas encourages you to use the prompts to improve your life and focus on important values. She has designed the journal to fit into your pocket for easy use. You can jot down notes and ideas while riding on the bus, taking your lunch break, or waiting in traffic.

With this journal, you can promote happiness and well-being with each passing day.

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