Use This Strategy to Write Your New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays are winding down, and many of us are preparing to write our New Year’s resolutions. However, studies show that people make resolutions and, year after year, fail to achieve them. Don’t let that be you. Be a part of the percentage achieving their goals.

How? By determining the feelings you want to experience and using visualization to create specific goals for yourself. It’s just that simple.

Write Down Your Desired Feelings

Start by getting paper and a pen. Have a seat in a quiet area, free of distractions. Then write down the feelings you desire to experience, number each one.

Visualize Your Actions

Visualization is a powerful tool and can bring clarity. To use visualization, close your eyes and imagine yourself feeling the emotion you want to experience. In your mind, focus on the details.

For example, if you want to feel healthy, imagine yourself healthy. As you visualize yourself healthy, pay attention to the details. What action are you taking to experience better health? Did you change your diet? Are you exercising more?

Take all of these details and write them down.

Turn Action into Goals

Now that you have written down your actions, it is time to make them goals. Goals should be:

Specific — precisely what you want to achieve
Measurable — include metrics to measure progress and successful completion 
Achievable — realistic based on the timeline and resources available
Relevant — have a purpose and align with long-term goals
Time-Bound — have a target completion date

Click here for a SMART goals worksheet.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Once you have your goals established, consider creating a vision board. Making a vision board and keeping it front and center can help you hold yourself accountable. Each time you look at the board, it serves as a reminder to focus on your goals. If only for a moment. And sometimes, a moment is all you need to reignite the fire and keep you going.

To create a vision board:

  1. Find photos and words in magazines and newspapers representing your goals.

  2. Clip them out, and then paste them on a piece of cardboard or thick card stock.

  3. Place the board in an area where you can view your goals regularly.

And just like that! You have set goals based on how you want to feel and the actions to create the experience. You are on a path to success and achievement of goals that evoke more than just a sense of accomplishment once completed.